Last update: 19 January, 2014.

This page tries to put a human face on the changing coal economy and landscape. In collaboration with Katja Wolf, I interviewed and photographed people whose lives have been profoundly affected or who have played important roles in coping with or shaping these changes.

There is no attempt at exhaustive or even representative coverage. The first people I asked to pose I had met more or less by chance. Then Katja Wolf produced a list of personalities who had crossed her radar during her tenure as editor of publications at IBA-See. Tommaso Lana later shared contacts from his two-year preparation of a performance art project with citizens of the mining town of Welzow. Some subjects suggested others, and background reading kept widening the field. To photograph everyone on the list thus became an impossible proposition.

Biographical information about some of the participants can be found by clicking on the thumbnails and following the "more" link next to their names.

I am deeply grateful to all who agreed to share their stories and pose for a photograph. The stories are fonts of creativity, dogged resilience, willingness to learn, application, generosity, modesty, and good humor.

Karsten Feucht Rolf Kuhn